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Managing Mid-Funnel Crisis: How to Succeed in Middle-of-Funnel Marketing

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

In the marketing world, Middle-of-funnel marketing (MOF) or Mid-funnel marketing is the stage where you have caught the attention of the potential customers but they are not yet ready to make the purchase. MOF is referred to as the ‘consideration’ stage which is a unique stage that requires a unique set of tactics and strategies.

When you motivate and engross your mid-funnel leads, you can grow your business by augmenting your mid-funnel marketing tactics thoroughly. Let us take a dekko at the world of mid-funnel marketing and share some tactics and strategies that can help you persuade your potential customers(leads) and convince them that they can lead a better life with your product or service.

Create How-To Guides in Detail

When a lead is interested in the products or services of your brand, they wish to learn more before they make a full commitment to become your customer. Instructional papers, product demos, and detailed guides help communicate to the customers about the product and services.

This provides educational and informational content and helps the potential customers feel at ease with the brand. It can cut out unnecessary frustrations or friction points that a customer can have while they do research on your business.

Invest in Personalized SMS/Email Marketing

Personalization can take things a step ahead and it refers to customizing your marketing and sales messages to individual customers. It can mean anything like referring to your customers by their first name in an SMS or email subject line to create content directly tailored to their individual desires and needs.

A great way to personalize your content is to create a ‘persona’ or ‘customer avatar’. Applying these avatars can help you to demonstrate that you understand each customer’s unique needs and provide solutions that help.

Create Targeted Content and Examine your CTA structure

The key aim of mid-funnel marketing is to tie with potential clients on a personal level. So, your content has to be interesting and relevant, and it needs to offer value as well. Make sure that the content communicates the value and benefits of your offerings clearly and encourages them to take action.

In simple terms, the content you offer needs to be interesting, offer value, be relevant, and encourage action. Usually, the encouraging action part comes at the end of content in what is known as a CTA or ‘Call-to-action’ that requests the person to make a direct purchase, book a demo, or maybe sign up for one free trial.

Segment Your Audience

By segmenting your audience, you target your marketing efforts at diverse groups of people as per their behaviors, needs, and interests. Segmenting your audience can lead to higher ROI as your content will attract more conversions by being more focused.

Segmenting can help you tailor your content and deliver them that resonates directly with them. Offering highly targeted content that speaks to the unique needs of people helps to establish your brand as a reliable resource. This must drive sales and improve engagement.

Make Simple and Easy Communication

In a situation when a customer in the middle of the funnel has concerns or questions, make it easy and simple for them to locate you. Tools like FAQ libraries, quizzes, or chatbots can help prospects avoid frustration.

A prospect should not have to sell a product or service to get answers to their questions or talk to someone. Making communication easy for leads can help you strengthen your relationship and endear your brand to them.

Engage in Case Studies

Case studies are one of the best mid-funnel marketing tactics as they generate authority and trust in your business and prove that your services or products can fulfill the needs of others. When your lead sees their own issue or an issue similar to theirs being solved by your brand’s product or service, they may be pushed to make a purchasing decision.

Wrapping up,

It is pretty exciting to be in a position where you have leads interested in engaging with your brand. The mid-funnel marketing helps prospects learn more about your brand and also helps nurture the leads into loyal customers. The leads entering the sales funnel here are quite well-informed but they are still on the fence regarding their purchasing decisions. With the help of marketing strategies outlined above, you can guide and motivate those mid-funnel leads on their way to the bottom of the funnel while improving conversions as well as growing your business.


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